Bayleaf Hospital

About Us

Caring for Life

Bayleaf was established in 2013 as a private health facility, initially located along Lumumba road but currently at Zamaria, near King’orani junction in the heart of Mombasa city.

Our Vision

To provide quality, high standard healthcare that is affordable and accessible to all our clients/patients irrespective of social economic status, through a highly motivated and skilled staff, innovation and modern technology in healthcare to make healthcare accessible and affordable.

Our Mission

Working hand in hand with our patients and clients to sustainably shape the future of health care. A patient/client-based approach to ensure quality, standards, accessibility and affordability of healthcare


Bayleaf Hospital is registered under the following associations:

Our Values

We are a client/patient – centered institution that values our clients/patients contribution to growth and care by offering high-quality and high standards of care through a highly trained, motivated, innovative, friendly and caring staff. We believe in growth and prosperity through a healthy relationship between our institution, staff, clients and healthcare sector stakeholders.

Executive Summary

Bayleaf Hospital is a level 4 hospital with a bed capacity of 54, we provide 24-hour services for both inpatient and outpatient care. Our hospital has cutting-edge facilities and equipment and a team of highly skilled and experienced medical professionals dedicated to providing the best possible care to our patients.